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5 July 2019

New Zealand scientists to launch world-leading climate change study in Antarctica

An expedition to study the ocean around Antarctica and its impact on climate change has been given the green light. ‘Antarctic ocean mechanics: past, present and future' is a six year programme that will be led by the National … Read More

Icebreak out
5 July 2019

Significant funding boost for Kiwi Antarctic research programmes

A funding boost for Antarctic research programmes will be vital in helping to understand the impact of climate change on New Zealand and our global partner, an expert says. On Tuesday, the Antarctic Science Platform announced a $… Read More

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3 July 2019

Dramatic loss in Antarctic sea ice concerns NASA

NASA scientists are concerned about a dramatic fall in the extent of sea ice around Antarctica. The frozen area circling the continent has plunged from a record high to a record low in just three years. (Newshub) Read More

Antarctic Science Conference
24 June 2019

Spotlight on Antarctic science

Over the next three days, Antarctic researchers from across the country will come together in Christchurch for the biennial New Zealand Antarctic Science Conference. This year’s theme is Our Future in Focus and the conference run… Read More

Christina and Chris onboard
24 June 2019

Climate secrets buried deep beneath the Southern Ocean

A Kiwi couple are on board a ship filled with international experts hoping to extract climate insights from below the seabed in the Southern Ocean. University of Otago paleoceanographer, Christina Riesselman and husband Chris Mo… Read More