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ASP Scaled
31 July 2020

July Update

Following the Covid-19 disruption to the 20/21 season, field event planning is now underway for the next five years. The Platform team is working with the Antarctica New Zealand Operations team to outline a logistics plan for fut… Read More

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29 July 2020

The Warming South Pole

The Antarctic Science Platform are excited to re-launch Antarctic ICEperts, a five-part webinar series featuring a variety of New Zealand’s Antarctic experts. Join us every Thursday, from August 6th to learn more about the impor… Read More

Humans in Antarctica
23 July 2020

Humans are encroaching on Antarctica’s last wild places, threatening its fragile biodiversity

Since Western explorers discovered Antarctica 200 years ago, human activity has been increasing. Now, more than 30 countries operate scientific stations in Antarctica, more than 50,000 tourists visit each year, and new infrastruc… Read More

15 July 2020

Mātauranga Māori takes vital role in protecting Antarctic climate research

Advisory group Kāhui Māori will be taking a vital role in protecting and guiding the upcoming Antarctic and climate adaptation research. Read More

SB Sign First Sunset2019 Jonny Harrison
14 July 2020

Kāhui Māori to protect and guide Antarctic as well as climate adaptation research

The Deep South Challenge: Changing with our Climate is humbled and excited that its Kāhui Māori have agreed to share their knowledge with the Antarctic Science Platform, and to act as its Kāhui Māori (Māori advisory group) as wel… Read More