Antarctic Science Platform

Supporting excellent science to understand Antarctica's impact on the global earth system.

The Platform supports four large scale research projects that fall under two main Programmes; the Antarctic ice-ocean-atmosphere system in a warming world and Ross Sea Region ecosystem dynamics in a warming world.

The funding is for $49 million over seven years.

In Budget 2017 a new Strategic Science Investment Fund (SSIF) for Antarctic science was announced. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment then invited Antarctica New Zealand to develop a plan to host the Antarctic Science Platform. In 2018 MBIE contracted Antarctica New Zealand to host the Antarctic Science Platform. More information about the Platform can be found here

Our work in Antarctica

ASP 1920 field season large

The Antarctic Science Platform comprises of four major projects, each with it's own team of world leading scientists and research priorities. Find out more about the projects below:

Project One: Antarctic Ice Dynamics

Project Two: Antarctic Ocean Mechanics

Project Three: Projecting Ross Sea Region ecosystem changes in a warming world

Project Four: Sea Ice and Carbon Cycle Feedbacks

Water—Rapuhia, kimihia: Quest for knowledge

Antarctica contains an enormous amount of the world’s fresh water, 90 percent of it is ice and if it all melted it could raise sea level by 60 metres, says Professor Tim Naish in the second episode of Water—Rapuhia, kimihia: Quest for knowledge.

Accompanying the documentary series is an excellent podcast from Newsroom and Teresa Cowie. Stream here on Apple Podcasts.

Credit to Newsroom and Te Herenga Waka, Victoria University of Wellington


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7 July 2020

Antarctica's ICEperts - a webinar series

The Antarctic Science Platform are pleased to present ‘Antarctica’s ICEperts’, a five-part webinar series featuring a range of New Zealand’s very own Antarctic experts. From 9 July, tune in every second Thursday to learn more ab… Read More

ASP Scaled
3 July 2020

June Update

Covid-19 impacts Platform funded research field season Platform researchers and the leadership team support Antarctica New Zealand’s decision to modify the 20/21 season to ensure Antarctica remains Covid-19 free. These are unprec… Read More

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30 June 2020

Congratulations to the Melting Ice and Rising Seas team

Antarctica New Zealand and the Antarctic Science Platform extends a huge congratulations to the Melting Ice and Rising Seas team who have won the Prime Minister’s Science prize. The team is led by the Antarctic Research Centre, a… Read More

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