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Deploy tracemetal sampler Matt Druce

Tangaroa voyage: Phytoplankton in the Ross Sea

Date: 2023
Type: Update
Summary: Researchers from the Antarctic Science Platform (ASP) returned recently to Wellington after a 6-week research cruise aboard the RV Tangaroa to the Southern Ocean and Ross Sea region of Antarctica. A total of 333 trace metal concentration and 130 trace metal isotope samples were collected, including characterisation of sea ice and glacial ice. Here's Cliff Law's highlights.
Dan Lowry

Passing the baton: Farewell and thanks to Huw Horgan, welcome Dan Lowry

Date: 2023
Type: People
Authors: Richard Levy
Summary: Dr Dan Lowry is stepping up as Co-Principal Investigator role of the Antarctic Ice Dynamics Project
Dry Valleys work

MBIE’s mid-term review of the Antarctic Science Platform

Date: 2023
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: A mid-term review of the Antarctic Science Platform has revealed it has done an excellent job, and pointed out opportunities for further improvement.

Rapid response to protect penguins from bird flu

Likelihood of H5N1 reaching Antarctica
Date: 2023
Type: Press Release
Authors: Waikato University
Summary: With support from The University of Waikato (UOW) Environmental Research Institute (ERI) and Antarctica New Zealand, ASP researcher Professor Cary undertook a world first survey for bird flu in Victoria Land.
Craig Stewart Photo

I am a polar oceanographer – this is what I do

Date: 2023
Type: In the media
Authors: The Spin Off
Summary: From his office at NIWA headquarters in Wellington, Antarctic Science Platform scientist Craig Stewart gets updates from the Southern Ocean, where climate change is starting to melt the ice shelves.
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Receiving messages from the deep

European Geosciences Blogs
Date: 2023
Type: In the media
Authors: Natalie Robinson
Summary: The Weddell Seal pops his head up through the hole in the floor of the shipping container… for the fourth time today. The shipping container is one of several making up our field camp on sea ice, 40 km from Scott Base – situated on Ross Island, in the south-western Ross Sea. Today I talk about the sub-ice platelet layer, which provides the base for a rich marine environment.

February Update

Date: 2023
Type: Update
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: The Tangaroa returns to Aotearoa, check out SWAIS 2C's new website and find out who has been appointed to the World Climate Research Programme's Joint Scientific Committee.
Cold Call original banner

Cold Call: Edition Five

Date: 2023
Type: Cold Call Article
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: This issue of Cold Call focuses on activities surrounding the annual Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM).