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Richard Levy

Richard Levy honoured with a BLAKE Award

Date: 2022
Type: Update
Summary: Congratulations to Dr Richard Levy, who has received a 2022 BLAKE Leader Award for his role in studying climate change. 
45 million years from VUW MR

Scientists chart 45 million years of Antarctic temperature change

Date: 2022
Authors: Victoria University / 1News
Summary: New study shows 'very clear and direct response' of Antarctic temperatures to changing carbon dioxide levels.
Boxfish ROV under the sea ice at Cape Evans by Anthony Powell 2021

Robots race against climate change on seafloor

Date: 2022
Type: Press Release
Summary: New Zealand’s Antarctic scientists are racing to document life on the seafloor in the Ross Sea before ecosystems change, possibly forever, as the world warms. It comes as scientists gather in Wellington for the Antarctic Science Platform's hui.
Antarctic Treaty System NZ delegation

Case Study: Scientific advice to international Antarctic Treaty meetings

Date: 2022
Type: Update
Summary: New Zealand is one of 12 original signatories to the Antarctic Treaty (signed in 1959), and these annual international meetings are a key target for the Platform’s research data, findings and new understandings.
Deploying NZ oceanographic mooring equipment in the Ross Sea

Case Study: International cooperation and ocean monitoring in the Ross Sea

Date: 2022
Type: Update
Summary: The Antarctic Science Platform is collaborating across New Zealand and with other nations to share and deploy resources into Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.
Fish below the platelet layer

Case Study: Bespoke technology is advancing Antarctic research

Date: 2022
Type: Update
Summary: The long-term perspective of the Antarctic Science Platform has afforded research partners the certainty to invest in new equipment.
Sampling soils for microbiological analyses in Victoria Valley.

Case Study: Machine learning-assisted meta-analysis of biological research in Antarctica

Date: 2022
Type: Update
Summary: To understand what Antarctic ecosystems may look like in a warming world, it’s critical to first comprehensively understand the current-day biodiversity and biogeography.
Sea Ice Edge

Highlights from sea ice and carbon cycle feedback research 2021/22

Date: 2022
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: In winter, sea ice grows from the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf and out over the Southern Ocean, and in summer it melts. A team of researchers are working to better understand the difference between seasonal variability and long-term change, a key to predicting the future of Antarctic sea ice and its role in the global climate system.