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January Update

Date: 2023
Type: Update
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: Divers return to Lake Fryxell, SWAIS2C drill arrives on ice, latest news from the Tangaroa.
Darcy and the drill GNS

SWAIS2C: Kiwi scientists involved in drill to uncover secrets of Antarctica's past

Date: 2023
Type: In the media
Authors: Radio New Zealand
Summary: New Zealand scientists are planning to drill nearly a kilometre through Antarctic ice and into the earth below, in a bid to answer how much warming the ice sheet can withstand.
2021 02 02 Tangaroa workboat Terranova DSC4245

Tangaroa voyage: Researchers to unveil Antarctic secrets

Date: 2023
Type: Press Release
Authors: NIWA
Summary: As New Zealanders search for the summer sun, 38 researchers and crew will board RV Tangaroa tomorrow for a six-week science voyage deep into the waters of Antarctica.
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December Update

Date: 2022
Type: Update
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: Publications, an update from our teams in the field and the survival of emperor penguins.
Sympagic community sampler in action

Independent Science Panel's review of the Platform

A position paper for the Antarctic Science Platform’s mid-term review
Date: 2022
Type: Update
Summary: To support the Platform’s mid-term review, in early 2022 the ISP assessed the performance of the Platform to date, the research activities planned for the remainder of the current contract, and what a second tranche of funding should consider.
Glacier F Low HD 1

Climate change & international diplomacy in Antarctica

Date: 2022
Authors: Rowan Howard-Williams
Summary: How climate change affects Antarctica is going to influence the speed and severity of changes in New Zealand and the rest of the planet. Climate change is a priority topic in Antarctic governance. Next year the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting has dedicated a day to consider the implementation of recommendations in a landmark climate change report. Those discussions will take place in a unique policy setting, almost as unusual as Antarctica itself, because the continent is ‘governed’ by an international treaty system.
Emperors at Cape Crozier

Survival of emperors depends on emissions reductions

Date: 2022
Authors: Rowan Howard-Williams and Michelle LaRue
Summary: Emperor penguins are an iconic Antarctic species, but their dependence on sea ice means they are expected to be impacted substantially by climate change.
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Fresh understanding of ice age frequency

Paleoclimate reconstructions can give us clues on how the ice sheets might behave as atmospheric CO2 levels increase
Date: 2022
Authors: Otago University
Summary: A chance find of an unstudied Antarctic sediment core has flipped our understanding of how often ice ages occurred in Antarctica.