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Antarctic science underpins urgency for climate action

Date: 2021
Type: Press Release
Summary: Decisions at next week’s COP26 UN Climate Change Conference are critical to keep Earth’s warming below 1.5 degrees and avoid tipping points which lock in disastrous changes to our climate.
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COP26, the IPCC Report and Antarctic Research

Date: 2021
Type: Cold Call Article
Summary: From melting ice sheets and rising seas, to warming oceans, shifting weather pattern and changing ecosystems, climate change impacts will be felt across all aspects of our society, environment and economy.
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Study reveals climate choices we make in coming decades are make or break – but we won’t see their impact in Antarctica this century

Date: 2021
Type: Press Release
Authors: GNS Science
Summary: While the impact of emissions on Antarctic ice melt may not become clear for another hundred years, the consequences of the climate decisions made this decade will be felt for centuries.
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New ice drilling technology developed in Wellington on its way to Antarctica

Date: 2021
Type: In the media
Authors: Newshub
Summary: A brand new piece of ice drilling technology developed in Wellington has begun its journey to Antarctica.
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Future of Antarctic plankton linked to sea ice, study shows

Date: 2021
Type: Press Release
Authors: GNS Science
Summary: 08/09/2021 2:00 pm A 170m-long record of marine sediment core from Antarctica is yielding new insights into the complex relationship between sea ice, the productivity of marine plankton, and climate change.

ICSHMO 2022 Call for Abstracts

Date: 2021
Summary: 13th International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography at the University of Canterbury
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Sea Ice Mass Balance Station install 2021

Date: 2021
Type: Field Work
Authors: Antarctic science platform
Summary: The Sea Ice Mass Balance Station has been successfully installed! It was put in place by the Scott Base winter crew on the 31st of July.
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Cold Call: Edition Two

Date: 2021
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: Policy relevant Antarctic science updates