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Sea ice on the Ross Sea. Photo: Craig Potton

Antarctic Science Platform in the news 2022/23

1 July 2023

In case you missed it, here are some of the media and outreach opportunities our team was involved in during the past year. There were also public talks, school visits and publications in subscription-based magazines.

Ecosystems & the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area

NIWA produced a video covering the 2023 Tangaroa voyage to the Ross Sea: Science protecting the Ross Sea

In this TV1 News Interview, Prof Ian Hawes talks about how unique Antarctic ecosystems under threat from climate change

Under the ice

In a photo story in the Wall Street Journal, Icefin researchers described their unprecedented view under Antarctic ice: Take a plunge under Antarctica’s ice, with robots

Changing sea ice

Prof James Renwick contributed to an article in the Herald: ‘Five-sigma event’: Why Antarctica’s missing sea ice has scientists worried

Dr Natalie Robinson was quoted in System in Meltdown

Dr Natalie Robinson and Dr Inga Smith featured in an episode on ‘The Detail’ podcast: Why is Antarctic sea ice vanishing?

Dr Natalie Robinson featured in a guest blog post: Receiving messages from the deep

Changing climate, tipping points & consequences

Dr. Bella Duncan was interviewed by 1News, and explained the link between carbon dioxide, temperature and the Antarctic ice sheet over the past 45 million years: New Antarctica data reveals tipping point for ice melt

Prof Tim Naish authored an article in The Conversation examining Tipping Points: the irreversible changes to come if we fail to keep warming below 2°C.

Prof Tim Naish spoke with Newshub about recent extreme weather events and the importance of meeting Paris emissions targets: Climate change happening faster than anticipated, New Zealand scientists warn

Prof Nick Golledge was quoted in: An unrealistically hot forecast for 2100 can hurt your property values

Prof Tim Naish gave a public talk for the Antarctic season opening church service: Urgency of Antarctic science and climate change

Prof Rob MaKay was quoted in an article by NBC News: Scientists warn climate change could trigger catastrophic tsunami

Prof James Renwick contributed to this RNZ article: Degree of sea level rise now inevitable, paper shows

Past climates, melting ice sheets & sea level rise

Dr Bella Duncan explains how Antarctica’s future is detected in its past

Dr Christian Ohneiser discussed his research reconstructing past changes in the Antarctic ice sheet: Ice ages common, new research finds

On TV1 news, Prof Nick Golledge explained connections between atmospheric rivers and Antarctic ice shelf melting: NZ-linked 'atmospheric rivers' behind record melting of Antarctic ice shelf

Prof Tim Naish and Prof Richard Levy partnered to give the annual Cawthron Lecture: Ice and us. Adapting to rising sea levels

Need more?

Julia Martin (VUW PhD student) describes her experiences at Scott Base in a blog: RealSnowPrincess