Drill tent

Innovative Technology

Long-term programmes, coupled with dedicated funding to support innovation and technology development, supports new and creative means of collecting data. Innovative technologies will substantially increase the outcomes and impacts of Antarctic Science Platform’s core scientific research, and builds new Antarctic research capability for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Ocean Moorings CS

Oceanographic Moorings

Specialised oceanographic moorings collect in-situ oceanographic data, to observe mechanics of sub-ice shelf cavity and polynya, and monitor the shelf-slope system.

Autonomous Underwater Sampler

Autonomous Underwater Biosampler

Bottom-moored under the ice sheet year-round, to sample under-ice habitats and profile the water column for understanding temporal dynamics of sympagic communities.

Sympagic Community Sampler

Sympagic Community Sampler

A new under-ice sampling tool to quantitatively sample the biota (ranging from ice algae to demersal fish) associated with the platelet ice community in sea ice habitats.

Ice Sediment Drilling System

Ice & Sediment Drilling System

A bespoke geological drilling system to access the ocean cavity beneath the Ross Ice Shelf and recover rock and sediment core, and deploy oceanographic instruments.