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Drilling through Antarctic ice

‘Hidden world’ of marine life discovered in Antarctic ‘river’ under ice

Date: 2022
Type: In the media
Authors: The Guardian
Summary: Beneath a vast Antarctic ice shelf, in a cathedral-like cavern hundreds of metres high, are swarms of little shrimp-like creatures in a newly discovered underwater ecosystem that, until recently, had remained an ice-locked secret.
Our Changing Coastline demo Auckland

A map of the future

Date: 2022
Type: In the media
Authors: Veronika Meduna, New Zealand Geographic
Summary: Sea-level rise doesn’t affect coasts equally—one bay may be drowned while the beach next door remains the same as ever. Predicting sea-level rise needs to take into account tectonic movement of the land, prevailing winds, coastal erosion and Arctic meltwater. Now, the first-ever detailed map of New Zealand’s coastlines shows what may happen.
KIS2 Tent Cloud Bank Stevens

Exploring Antarctica’s hidden under-ice rivers and their role in future sea-level rise

Date: 2022
Type: In the media
Authors: Craig Stevens and Huw Horgan
Summary: Underneath Antarctica’s vast ice sheets there’s a network of rivers and lakes. This is possible because of the insulating blanket of ice above, the flow of heat from within the Earth, and the small amount of heat generated as the ice deforms.
Underwater platelet ice backlit in McMurdo Sound.

Searching for answers: Supercooled crystals and fast ice

Date: 2021
Type: Science
Summary: Fast ice expands and retreats from the coast each year, like Antarctica is breathing. Its reach may be influenced by a floating layer of ice crystals, which form when underwater ice shelves and glaciers are melting.
K892 A

New ice drilling technology developed in Wellington on its way to Antarctica

Date: 2021
Type: In the media
Authors: Newshub
Summary: A brand new piece of ice drilling technology developed in Wellington has begun its journey to Antarctica.
James Renwick

Antarctica records its highest ever temperature

Date: 2021
Type: In the media
Authors: TVNZ
Summary: Antarctica has reached a new record high temperature of 18.3 degrees Celcius, new data has confirmed
Tim Naish Breakfast

World can expect 50cm sea-level rise by 2100, even if warming stays under 2°C

Date: 2021
Type: In the media
Authors: Breakfast
Summary: Climate scientist Tim Naish estimates 267 million people worldwide live on land that’s at risk of severe storms and flooding.
6 PM Dr Nancy Bertler photo credit Brendon O Hagan

Budget 2021: Scott Base investment 'welcome news'

Date: 2021
Type: In the media
Authors: Newstalk ZB
Summary: As part of the 2021 Budget, $344 million was invested into Scott Base - New Zealand's science headquarters in Antarctica. Antarctic Science Platform director at Antarctica New Zealand Nancy Bertler told Tim Dower the news is amazing.