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Rapid response to protect penguins from bird flu

Likelihood of H5N1 reaching Antarctica
Date: 2023
Type: Press Release
Authors: Waikato University
Summary: With support from The University of Waikato (UOW) Environmental Research Institute (ERI) and Antarctica New Zealand, ASP researcher Professor Cary undertook a world first survey for bird flu in Victoria Land.
Craig Stewart Photo

I am a polar oceanographer – this is what I do

Date: 2023
Type: In the media
Authors: The Spin Off
Summary: From his office at NIWA headquarters in Wellington, Antarctic Science Platform scientist Craig Stewart gets updates from the Southern Ocean, where climate change is starting to melt the ice shelves.
Walter in Hole adjust njr 1067x800

Receiving messages from the deep

European Geosciences Blogs
Date: 2023
Type: In the media
Authors: Natalie Robinson
Summary: The Weddell Seal pops his head up through the hole in the floor of the shipping container… for the fourth time today. The shipping container is one of several making up our field camp on sea ice, 40 km from Scott Base – situated on Ross Island, in the south-western Ross Sea. Today I talk about the sub-ice platelet layer, which provides the base for a rich marine environment.
Darcy and the drill GNS

SWAIS2C: Kiwi scientists involved in drill to uncover secrets of Antarctica's past

Date: 2023
Type: In the media
Authors: Radio New Zealand
Summary: New Zealand scientists are planning to drill nearly a kilometre through Antarctic ice and into the earth below, in a bid to answer how much warming the ice sheet can withstand.
2021 02 02 Tangaroa workboat Terranova DSC4245

Tangaroa voyage: Researchers to unveil Antarctic secrets

Date: 2023
Type: Press Release
Authors: NIWA
Summary: As New Zealanders search for the summer sun, 38 researchers and crew will board RV Tangaroa tomorrow for a six-week science voyage deep into the waters of Antarctica.
Drilling through Antarctic ice

‘Hidden world’ of marine life discovered in Antarctic ‘river’ under ice

Date: 2022
Type: In the media
Authors: The Guardian
Summary: Beneath a vast Antarctic ice shelf, in a cathedral-like cavern hundreds of metres high, are swarms of little shrimp-like creatures in a newly discovered underwater ecosystem that, until recently, had remained an ice-locked secret.
Our Changing Coastline demo Auckland

A map of the future

Date: 2022
Type: In the media
Authors: Veronika Meduna, New Zealand Geographic
Summary: Sea-level rise doesn’t affect coasts equally—one bay may be drowned while the beach next door remains the same as ever. Predicting sea-level rise needs to take into account tectonic movement of the land, prevailing winds, coastal erosion and Arctic meltwater. Now, the first-ever detailed map of New Zealand’s coastlines shows what may happen.
KIS2 Tent Cloud Bank Stevens

Exploring Antarctica’s hidden under-ice rivers and their role in future sea-level rise

Date: 2022
Type: In the media
Authors: Craig Stevens and Huw Horgan
Summary: Underneath Antarctica’s vast ice sheets there’s a network of rivers and lakes. This is possible because of the insulating blanket of ice above, the flow of heat from within the Earth, and the small amount of heat generated as the ice deforms.