Current Scott Base

Antarctica New Zealand COVID-19 response

16 March 2020

Antarctica New Zealand has initiated a number of measures as part of our response to COVID-19.

Our priority is the health and wellbeing of our staff and keeping Antarctica COVID-19 free.

The Antarctica New Zealand Christchurch office is open with social distancing and additional hygiene measures in place.

Staff have the option to work from home.

All non-essential domestic business travel has been suspended, and all international business travel has been suspended.

The senior leadership team is meeting regularly to constantly review our response, and are following advice from the Ministry of Health.

To find out more please visit the Ministry of Health website

What’s happening with Scott Base?

At this time of year, flights to Antarctica are rare as the busy science season has finished.

We currently have 12 staff at Scott Base who are our winter over team.

Flights to Antarctica operate via a joint logistics pool with our US counterparts. Our medical teams are working closely together with additional checks and hygiene measures in place.

We would like to reassure those with loved ones at Scott Base that we are working hard to ensure Antarctica remains COVID-19 free. We are in regular contact with our winter team and are prioritising their health and wellbeing.