Ross Sea Voyage 2024: Laura Bassi Ross Sea Voyage Photo by Lana Young

RV Laura Bassi. Photo: Lana Young

Signs found of worryingly fast Antarctic ice melt

3 March 2024

Scientists returning from a voyage into Antarctic waters say they found worrying evidence about how much ice has melted and how quickly.

The ice-breaking ship the RV (Research Vessel) Laura Bassi returned to New Zealand waters on Saturday morning after two months in Antarctica's Ross Sea, which is part of the Southern Ocean.

The team of New Zealand scientists from the Antarctic Science Platform - along with a research team from the Italian Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antartide - crossed the Ross Sea on the ice-breaker to witness the sea ice retreat first-hand.

Their research found that the ocean - the southernmost on the planet - is changing substantially, said NIWA and University of Auckland professor of physical oceanography Craig Stevens, who led the New Zealand team.

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