Dry Valleys work

The ASP lakes team preparing for a video survey of Lake Vanda, where they have been conducting long term observations to understand the resilience of the lake to increasing meltwater inflow. Photo: Anthony Powell

MBIE’s mid-term review of the Antarctic Science Platform

23 March 2023

The Platform underwent a mid-term review in 2022, facilitated by its funder, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). This was a condition of the Platform’s funding contract.

This review was an opportunity to reassess alignment of Platform research with current national and international research imperatives, policy drivers and logistic capacity, and to determine any changes to further improve delivery and implementation in the remainder of the contract (to June 2025).

Overall, MBIE considered that the Platform has done an excellent job of setting up the governance structures, establishing the research programmes and delivering against objectives, particularly during challenging times.

Recommendations for future improvement have been made across seven categories:

  1. Logistics support
  2. Commitments to provision of critical equipment
  3. Vision Mātauranga
  4. Improved connections between host and ASP
  5. Science to policy work
  6. Succession planning
  7. Planning for future investment

The Platform is confident in the effective operation of the Platform, and its ability to implement change in response to MBIE’s recommendations.

You can find the mid-term review report published on our Knowledge Hub.

In addition, the Platform’s response to this review is also available publicly on our website's Knowledge Hub, and should be read in conjunction with MBIE’s mid-term review report.

You can also read the Independent Science Panel’s review of the Platform, which informed MBIE’s review process.