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Unfrozen funds for Antarctica

27 November 2018

Antarctica New Zealand is delighted to be named as host of the new Antarctic Science Platform.

In 2017, the New Zealand Government approved strategic science investment funding of $49 million, over seven years, to be dedicated to Antarctic research. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has now contracted Antarctica New Zealand to host the Platform.

Antarctica New Zealand Acting Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr Fiona Shanhun, says the Antarctic Science Platform’s goal is to understand Antarctica’s influence on the rest of the planet, and inform projections of future changes in a warming world.

“New Zealand’s Antarctic research is internationally respected and the new Platform offers an opportunity to build on our research strengths and address globally significant questions,” she says.

The Platform will provide stable funding for longer-term Antarctic research. Dr Shanhun says this will help maximise scientific and strategic benefits for New Zealand.

“Scientists will work with national and international stakeholders to ensure research findings inform decision-making in response to climate change,” she says.

Antarctic Science Platform Director, Associate Professor Nancy Bertler says the Platform relies on a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach.

“This is an exciting time for Antarctic science. We will bring together our most talented researchers and work with our international partners to improve projections for important climate change consequences ranging from sea level rise to ecosystem health” she says.

The Antarctic Society has organised for Assoc. Prof Bertler to give a live-streamed presentation on the Antarctic Science Platform at 5.30pm on Thursday, 29 November. Everyone is welcome to tune in!