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Emotive new documentary episode highlights Antarctica’s global role in sea level rise

17 May 2020

It’s thousands of miles from home, and a place very few New Zealanders will visit in their life time, but the vital role Antarctica plays in global sea level rise cannot be underestimated.

“It contains an enormous amount of the world’s fresh water, 90% of its ice, and if it all melted could raise sea level by 60 metres,” says Professor Tim Naish.

The importance of the frozen continent at the bottom of the world has been highlighted in a new documentary called Water – Rapuhia, kimihia: Quest for knowledge. In candid and emotive interviews, well known Antarctic researchers Professor Tim Naish and Nick Golledge draw on years of scientific expertise to highlight the important role understanding Antarctica’s ice sheets plays in global sea level rise predictions. The documentary also features footage from last summer’s Antarctic science season.

Both Tim and Nick hold key leadership roles within the Antarctic Science Platform.

Antarctic Science Platform Director Nancy Bertler says the documentary is powerful.

“Hundreds of millions of people around the world will be affected by global sea level rise. Our scientists are working at the forefront of providing improved projections to support governments and communities to make informed decisions. The documentary provides a unique insight into this important and urgent work,” she says.

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