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Past is prologue – Antarctica in a warming world

Date: 2021
Type: Learn
Authors: Olivia Truax
Summary: Check out Olivia's Fullbright NZ public talk

ECR - Olivia Truax Fullbright presentation

Date: 2021
Type: People
Summary: Olivia Truax gives a brilliant and fascinating presentation on how the Antarctic Ice Sheets are changing with climate and what this means for Aotearoa.

The science behind remotely navigating a safe route across a crevassed ice shelf

Date: 2021
Type: Learn
Authors: O.J. Marsh, D. Price, Z.R. Courville, D. Floricioiu, Crevasse and rift detection in Antarctica from TerraSAR-X satellite imagery, Cold Regions Science and Technology, 2021,
Tim Naish

Have we taken control of Earth’s natural climate cycles?

Date: 2021
Type: Learn
Authors: Programme Leader: Ocean-Ice-Atmosphere Professor Tim Naish
Summary: This article was written by Professor Tim Naish for the Ask a Scientist section of the Otago Daily Times

Antarctica Unfrozen, a podcast series

Date: 2019
Type: Press Release