Antarctica image

New map unlocks deep digital data of Antarctica’s history

19 May 2023

Today marks a ground-breaking transformation in global Antarctic research, and a new way we understand the frozen continent.

Documentation of the first open-access and comprehensive geological database of Antarctica, GeoMAP Antarctica was released today in Nature Scientific Data on the 19th May 2023 (PST).

GeoMAP is the first detailed geological mapping database of the entire continent that collates all the historical and existing geological data of Antarctica.

Despite Antarctica’s reputation as an icy expanse, over 52,000 km2 of exposed rock and sediment make up the mountains and surfaces of the continent between the glaciers. Each of these areas contain important information on the continent’s geological, geomorphological, and glaciological history. GeoMAP is the first open-access mapping database that provides a detailed geological account of what we know about the continent, all in one place.

Read the full GNS release here.