Tim Naish

Antarctica's ICEperts - a webinar series

6 July 2020

The Antarctic Science Platform are pleased to present ‘Antarctica’s ICEperts’, a webinar series featuring a range of New Zealand’s very own Antarctic experts.

From the 9th of July learn more about the important piece of ice at the very end of the earth.

The first webinar features Professor Tim Naish, who will present his recent documentary on sea level rise, followed by questions.

Webinar One: Professor Tim Naish and Sea Level Rise

Melting of the Antarctic ice sheets could push global sea-level rise up to 1.5m by the end of the century. In our first webinar, Professor Tim Naish presents his latest documentary and is on hand to answer your questions and show how you can play a vital role in protecting Antarctica’s ice sheets, and preventing sea-level rise that will affect millions of people.

Professor Tim Naish. ​With over 14 scientific expeditions to Antarctica under his belt the former director of the Antarctic Research Centre and current Antarctic Science platform Programme Leader has dedicated his career to understanding past, present and future implications of climate change. He recently travelled to London to speak to the Antarctic Parliamentarian Assembly and led the multidisciplinary Melting Ice Rising Seas team who’ve just won the Prime Minister’s Science Prize.

Thursday July 9, 12:30pm NZT

Details on future webinars will be updated here.

To register, copy and paste this link into your browser https://bit.ly/2NUiy46