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Underwater platelet ice backlit in McMurdo Sound.

Searching for answers: Supercooled crystals and fast ice

Date: 2021
Type: Science
Summary: Fast ice expands and retreats from the coast each year, like Antarctica is breathing. Its reach may be influenced by a floating layer of ice crystals, which form when underwater ice shelves and glaciers are melting.
Kyle Clem Custom

Contestable Funding Round “life changing” for early career researcher

Date: 2021
Type: Science
Authors: ASP
Summary: The Antarctic Science Platform is delighted to share some great feedback from the recipient of the Early Career Research Development, Dr Kyle Clem.

ECR - Olivia Truax Fullbright presentation

Date: 2021
Type: People
Summary: Olivia Truax gives a brilliant and fascinating presentation on how the Antarctic Ice Sheets are changing with climate and what this means for Aotearoa.
Sea ice installation

Icy science, but without the scientists on ice

Date: 2020
Type: Press Release
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: Despite a reduced season to due COVID-19 restrictions, Antarctica New Zealand is delighted to have successfully continued to support the Sea Ice Mass Balance Station, a special probe that measures the thickness, temperature and formation of sea ice, and snow cover in McMurdo Sound, has been retrieved for the summer.
Nansen Ice Shelf Won Sang Lee Korean Polar Research Institute

Policy implications of Antarctic ice sheet melting and global sea-level research

Date: 2020
Type: Cold Call Article
Authors: Professor Tim Naish and Associate Professor Richard Levy
Summary: Sea-level rise will affect parts of New Zealand in different ways. Projections beyond 2050 are uncertain, because it depends how fast we act to reduce global CO2 emissions. This uncertainty is a major challenge to decision-makers. Understanding the melting of Antarctica’s ice sheets, a major driver of sea-level rise, is crucial for future planning and policy decision-making.
IMG 3681 2

Supercomputers and super cool science

Date: 2020
Type: Press Release