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May Update

28 May 2020

The Modelling Hub, a collaboration between the Antarctic Science Platform, Victoria University of Wellington, NIWA and GNS Science, is; taking advantage of the complementary expertise and capability of the organisations and the international leadership of their staff in areas of Antarctic climate change research and impacts on New Zealand.

The Hub is now well and truly in business, with the four new research fellows having began their work over the last few months. The fellows, a diverse group of modelling experts add important complementary skills and are led by the Future Projections Expert Group Chairs Associate Prof. Nick Golledge and Dr. Liz Keller.

Dr. Alexandra Gossart, a Regional Climate Modeller from Victoria University of Wellington, Dr. Mario Krapp, a data scientist from GNS, Dr. Alena Malyarenko, an ice cavity and ice shelf processes expert from NIWA and Dr. Angela Bahamondes Dominguez, a marine biogeochemical modeller also from NIWA will work collaboratively across the platform projects. Due to current travel restrictions, Alexandra has begun her work from the UK and will join us here in New Zealand once entry into New Zealand is possible again.

Also in the modelling space, the Sea Ice and Carbon Cycle Feedback Project Team, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Max Thomas who will work as a sea ice modelling research fellow at the University of Otago in a position jointly funded by the ASP and the Deep South National Science Challenge. Like Alexandra, Max will begin work from the UK. Max will be part of the Otago sea ice team, working closely with Inga Smith and providing a strong link between ASP and DSC teams and research.

Welcome Professor Dutton

Over the past few weeks ASP researchers have been collaborating closely with Professor Andrea Dutton from the University of Wisconsin. Professor Dutton is a leading expert in past and present sea level change and polar ice sheet change. A Fullbright Scholar and McArthur Foundation Fellow, Professor Dutton is hosted by the Antarctic Research Centre as the current ST Lee Lecturer and has stayed in New Zealand during the Covid-19 outbreak with her family.

She is working with Nick Golledge, Richard Levy, Nancy Bertler and Tim Naish on past sea-level change and ice sheet dynamics with the ASP and NZ SeaRise Programme and an assessment of COVID-19 impacts on climate change trends. Listen to an interview with Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand earlier this month.