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December Update

24 December 2020

Antarctic science platform December update

Cold call

The inaugural issue of Cold Call, our newsletter sharing policy relevant Antarctic science updates, has been issued. If you want to receive the latest hot topics from the coldest places around 3-4 times a year subscribe here. You can read our first issue here

Siple Coast Traverse update

The traverse team transporting drill rods, fuel, generators and camp supplies in preparation for the 2021/2022 season, have travelled approximately 1300km across the Ross Ice Shelf and arrived at the KIS3 site. They are currently berming equipment and will next head further east to relocate staged fuel and cargo from last season’s Kamb Ice Stream KIS1 site to KIS2 in preparation for next season. Once completed the team will conduct some science objectives and check existing installations on the return journey to Scott Base. The team is due back early in the new year after having spent a very unique white Christmas on the ice.

SCARs New Strategic Research Programmes

SCAR has just announced the approval of 3 new strategic research programmes

They are:

1) INSTANT - Instabilities and Thresholds in Antarctica, which is about improving understanding of the Antarctic ice sheet contribution to future sea-level rise and is well-aligned with the impact statements Project 1 of the ASP.

2) AntClimNow – aims to improve near-term predictability of Antarctic climate and is well-aligned with the impacts of ASP projects 2 and 4.

3) AntIcon – focuses on the conservation and management of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, and is well-aligned with the impacts of ASP – Project 3.

The aim of the SRPs is to provide over-arching strategy and to help co-ordinate international research addressing the highest priority Antarctic science questions. Fortunately, the ASP was designed in parallel with the new SRPs, and consequently is well-aligned to make a major contribution to these international research priorities.

Many ASP scientists were involved in the development of the proposals for new SRPs and some are already members and on steering committees. Tim Naish will co-lead INSTANT, whose members also include Nick Golledge, Huw Horgan, Nancy Bertler, Richard Levy, James Renwick, Georgia Grant, Rebecca Priestley, Christina Riesselmann, and Daniella Liggett. Fraser Morgan, Daniella Liggett, Craig Cary and Neil Gilbert are members of AntIcon. Erik Behrens, Craig Stevens, Natalie Robinson, James Renwick and Nancy Bertler are members of AntClimNow.

As these programmes are in their kick-off stage, please contact any of these people or the co-chiefs of the new SRPs if you would like to join. These programmes replace the existing SRPs, which will finish at the end of 2020.

Ka pai Caroline

Antarctic Science Platform Manager, Caroline Pratt, has received an esteemed career accolade. Caroline has become the first New Zealand-based Research Manager to be made a Fellow of the Australasian Research Management Society. She was officially recognised at an awards ceremony during the annual ARMS conference at the end of November. Read more here