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ECR - Olivia Truax Fullbright presentation

Date: 2021
Type: People
Summary: Olivia Truax gives a brilliant and fascinating presentation on how the Antarctic Ice Sheets are changing with climate and what this means for Aotearoa.
Dan Hikuroa

Welcome to our Antarctic whanau Dr Dan

Date: 2020
Type: Press Release
Summary: The Antarctic Science Platform is pleased welcome Dr Daniel Hikuroa to the Platform’s Steering Group. He brings brings a wealth of knowledge in weaving Mātauranga Māori into science and environmental decision making, and also has Antarctic field experience.
Modelling Hub fellows

Introducing our modelling fellows

Date: 2020
Type: People
Summary: The Platform is funding 3-year modelling fellowships, through a National Modelling Hub. Our modelling fellows are addressing key questions around better predicting the future contribution Antarctic meltwater to sea level rise, changes in ocean uptake of heat and CO2, changes in ocean currents, sea ice extent, nutrient fluxes, ecosystem dynamics and impacts.
Sir Rob Fenwick

Remembering an Antarctic legend

Date: 2020
Type: Press Release
John Cottle headshot

Our new rock-star Professor

Date: 2019
Type: Press Release