6 PM Dr Nancy Bertler photo credit Brendon O Hagan

Budget 2021: Scott Base investment 'welcome news'

28 May 2021

LISTEN: Budget 2021: Scott Base investment 'welcome news' (newstalkzb.co.nz)

As part of the 2021 Budget, $344 million was invested into Scott Base - New Zealand's science headquarters in Antarctica.

Building work is set to create 170 jobs, and over six years around 700 workers will be in a range of support roles in Canterbury.

As well as that, the funds will also help redevelop the Ross Island wind farm.

Antarctic Science Platform director at Antarctica New Zealand Nancy Bertler told Tim Dower the news is amazing.

"Hugely welcome and incredibly important to us, so a very happy Antarctic community here and overseas."

Bertler says Scott Base is showing its age having been established in 1957.

"The old lady has served New Zealand really well but conditions in Antarctica are really tough, so if you have sat in Scott Base in one of the storms you know what the buildings are doing for you... it needs a really major upgrade."