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2021 02 02 Tangaroa workboat Terranova DSC4245

Researchers to unveil Antarctic secrets

Date: 2023
Type: Press Release
Authors: NIWA
Summary: As New Zealanders search for the summer sun, 38 researchers and crew will board RV Tangaroa tomorrow for a six-week science voyage deep into the waters of Antarctica.
Boxfish ROV under the sea ice at Cape Evans by Anthony Powell 2021

Robots race against climate change on seafloor

Date: 2022
Type: Press Release
Summary: New Zealand’s Antarctic scientists are racing to document life on the seafloor in the Ross Sea before ecosystems change, possibly forever, as the world warms. It comes as scientists gather in Wellington for the Antarctic Science Platform's hui.
Waikato University professors image from Waikato Uni website

Three new professors announced

Date: 2022
Type: Press Release
Authors: University of Waikato
Summary: Vice-Chancellor, Professor Neil Quigley today shared the appointment of some distinguished academic staff to the role of Professor.
Atmospheric rivers research illustration from Nature Communications paper

Tropical thunderstorms affect Antarctic melting

Date: 2022
Type: Press Release
Authors: Victoria University of Wellington
Summary: A train of atmospheric events that starts near New Zealand has been linked to record melting of ice shelves in the Antarctic.
Ian Hawes

Honour for decades of Antarctic research

Date: 2022
Type: Press Release
Summary: Prof Ian Hawes has been awarded the New Zealand Antarctic Medal for services to Antarctic science and conservation in the Queen’s Birthday and Platinum Jubilee Honours List.
Emperor penguins

Antarctica: coming to a postcode near you

Report shows dramatic Antarctic change with global consequences
Date: 2022
Type: Press Release
Authors: Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
Summary: Climate change is having significant impacts on Antarctica’s ice sheets, climate and life, with far-reaching global consequences, according to a new report from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) released on May 24 at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Berlin.
Associate Professor Sergio Morales

Microbe communities discovered under Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf

Date: 2022
Type: Press Release
Authors: University of Otago
Summary: A new study has found evidence of a diverse community of microbes that thrive in the cold, dark, low-energy environment beneath Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf, hundreds of kilometres from the open ocean.
K892 B 2021 EM Bird 3 Anthony Powell

The Bird that measures Antarctic ice

Date: 2021
Type: Press Release
Summary: This Antarctic research season, Kiwi scientists are using new technology to measure sea ice in McMurdo Sound and help add to our understanding of its importance for climate around the world.