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2024 01 30 RI Spengiuns adelie Lana

Antarctica's coasts are becoming less icy

Date: 2024
Type: Press Release
Summary: An increase in pockets of open water in Antarctica’s sea ice (polynyas) may mean coastal plants and animals could one day establish on the continent, University of Otago-led research suggests.
Emperor penguins

Antarctica: coming to a postcode near you

Report shows dramatic Antarctic change with global consequences
Date: 2022
Type: Press Release
Authors: Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
Summary: Climate change is having significant impacts on Antarctica’s ice sheets, climate and life, with far-reaching global consequences, according to a new report from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) released on May 24 at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Berlin.
Sea ice installation

Icy science, but without the scientists on ice

Date: 2020
Type: Press Release
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: Despite a reduced season to due COVID-19 restrictions, Antarctica New Zealand is delighted to have successfully continued to support the Sea Ice Mass Balance Station, a special probe that measures the thickness, temperature and formation of sea ice, and snow cover in McMurdo Sound, has been retrieved for the summer.