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Antarctic Science Platform in the news 2022/23

Date: 2023
Type: Update
Summary: In case you missed it, here are some of the media and outreach opportunities our team was involved in during the past year. There were also public talks, school visits and publications in subscription-based magazines.
Penguins on cracking ice 2

Record low Antarctic sea ice is another alarming sign the ocean’s role as climate regulator is changing

Date: 2023
Type: In the media
Authors: Craig Stevens
Summary: A changing climate is upon us, with more frequent land and marine heatwaves, forest fires, atmospheric rivers and floods. For some, it is the backdrop to day-to-day life, but for a growing number of people it is a life-changing reality.
Sea ice photo by Tim Haskell

Why is Antarctic sea ice melting?

Date: 2023
Type: In the media
Authors: Radio New Zealand
Summary: Researchers in our southernmost continent were shocked to find stretches of sea ice disappearing, and while they don't know why it's happening, the consequences could be catastrophic.
IMG 4359 Large

Scott Base staff continue Antarctic scientific project with coaching from New Zealand-based experts

Date: 2020
Type: In the media
Authors: Holly Henry, Newshub
Summary: Antarctica New Zealand has been able to continue an important project without all the scientists on the ice.