Ross Sea Voyage 2024 RV Laura Bassi travels along the Ross Ice Shelf January 2024 Photo by Lana Young

Voyage to solve the mystery of Antarctica’s plummeting sea ice

19 February 2024

Twelve Kiwis are on board Italian research vessel, the LV Laura Bassi, which is currently off the coast of Antarctica.

The two month voyage is traversing and studying the Ross Sea – where sea ice loss has been particularly stark. Many of the 35 scientists aboard are gathering data to better measure and understand the sudden drop.

Platform ocean scientist Craig Stevens, who is the New Zealand voyage leader, spoke to Stuff's Olivia Wannan from the vessel.

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Ross Sea Voyage 2024 Voyage leader Dr Craig Stevens Photo by Lana Young

Dr Craig Stevens on board the LV Laura Bassi. Photo: Lana Young