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Ross Sea Voyage 2024 Robertson Bay

Ross Sea Voyage Update #11: Robertson Bay

Date: 2024
Type: Update
Summary: Icebergs everywhere in Robertson Bay – a corner of the Ross Sea, and a place that acts as a record of change. Conditions allowed the team to complete sediment cores and CTD profiles, before they head north for the return journey to New Zealand.
Ross Sea Voyage 2024: Sunset sea ice

Ross Sea Voyage Update #10: Sea ice, sunsets and science

Date: 2024
Type: Update
Summary: As the vessel works its way south into the Joides Trough, the team is seeing some spectacular sunsets and sharing some incredible imagery, while collecting biophysical baseline data.
Ross Sea Voyage 2024: Sea ice

Ross Sea Voyage Update #9: Sheltering in sea ice

Date: 2024
Type: Update
Summary: The team are hiding in the pack ice! But between the storms, they’ve managed to undertake about 36 hours of science activities, including moorings, CTD profiles, a zooplankton trawl and recovery of a sediment trap.
Hydrographic mooring being deployed in Terra Nova Bay

Highlights from Antarctic ocean mechanics research 2022/23

Date: 2023
Type: Update
Authors: Project 2
Summary: A changing Antarctica will impact oceanic transport of heat and other associated materials, such as salt, carbon dioxide, oxygen and nutrients. Researchers in the Antarctic Ocean Mechanics project are investigating past and present ocean conditions - currents, polynya formation, sea ice and dispersion of meltwater - and how this may change as the world warms.
Artwork depicting change in Antarctic sea-ice conditions. Photo: Marte Hofsteenge. CC BY-NC-ND.

Ant-ART-ica: Using art to communicate Antarctic research

Date: 2023
Type: People
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: PhD student Marte Hofsteenge is exploring the use of art to communicate with a wider audience about research in Antarctica.
95 288 Craig Potton

Antarctic Science Platform in the news 2022/23

Date: 2023
Type: Update
Summary: In case you missed it, here are some of the media and outreach opportunities our team was involved in during the past year. There were also public talks, school visits and publications in subscription-based magazines.
Fig 7 site 20221026 182209 Natalie Robinson

How to recover a mooring from under the sea ice

Date: 2023
Type: Science
Authors: Natalie Robinson
Summary: Find out how this past summer, in Antarctica, we recovered an experimental oceanographic mooring from under the sea ice.
Fish below the platelet layer

Case Study: Bespoke technology is advancing Antarctic research

Date: 2022
Type: Science
Summary: The long-term perspective of the Antarctic Science Platform has afforded research partners the certainty to invest in new equipment.