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Measuring Antarctic warming with moss

Date: 2024
Type: In the media
Summary: When it comes to Antarctic ice melt, how do we attribute retreat to climate change? For Dr Charles Lee, a microbial ecologist, the answer lies in measuring moss.
Tamara Pletzer downloads data from the soil sensors in front of Canada Glacier. Photo: Ian Hawes

Deploying soil sensors in Taylor Valley

Date: 2023
Type: Science
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: Collecting a year’s worth of soil temperature and moisture data in the McMurdo Dry Valleys to validate remote monitoring approaches.
Thermal Bird in the air over Canada Glacier in Taylor Valley. Photo: Eva Bendix Nielsen

Thermal bird survey of surface environments in the Taylor Valley

Date: 2023
Type: Science
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: A newly developed infrared and visible camera system, a thermal bird, has been used to survey different Antarctic surface environments in the McMurdo Dry Valleys.
Artwork depicting change in Antarctic sea-ice conditions. Photo: Marte Hofsteenge. CC BY-NC-ND.

Ant-ART-ica: Using art to communicate Antarctic research

Date: 2023
Type: People
Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: PhD student Marte Hofsteenge is exploring the use of art to communicate with a wider audience about research in Antarctica.
95 288 Craig Potton

Antarctic Science Platform in the news 2022/23

Date: 2023
Type: Update
Summary: In case you missed it, here are some of the media and outreach opportunities our team was involved in during the past year. There were also public talks, school visits and publications in subscription-based magazines.
Emperor penguins

Antarctica: coming to a postcode near you

Report shows dramatic Antarctic change with global consequences
Date: 2022
Type: Press Release
Authors: Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
Summary: Climate change is having significant impacts on Antarctica’s ice sheets, climate and life, with far-reaching global consequences, according to a new report from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) released on May 24 at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Berlin.