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2024 01 30 RI Spengiuns adelie Lana

Emerging long-term trends and interdecadal cycles in Antarctic polynyas

Authors: Grant A. Duffy, Fabien Montiel, Ariaan Purich, Ceridwen I. Fraser.
Year Published: 2024
Document Type: Publications
Ownership: University of Otago
Summary: An increase in pockets of open water in Antarctica’s sea ice (polynyas) may mean coastal plants and animals could one day establish on the continent, University of Otago-led research suggests.
IMG 7426 ross Ice Shelf Jana Newman

ASP Publications 2022-2023

Year Published: 2023
Document Type: Publications
Ownership: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: Compiled ASP publications 22-23
Ridges and Moon slide format 1

ASP response to MBIE mid-term programme review

Authors: Nancy Bertler
Year Published: 2023
Document Type: Reports, Publications
Ownership: ASP
Summary: The ASP’s response to, and to be read in conjunction with, MBIE’s mid-term review report of the Antarctic Science Platform’s performance to June 2022.
Natalie Robinson field camp Oct 2022 Credit Anthony Powell

MBIE mid-term review report of Antarctic Science Platform

Authors: MBIE
Year Published: 2023
Document Type: Publications
Ownership: MBIE Strategic Investments Team
Summary: A mid-term review of performance to June 2022 to provide recommendations on any changes to improve delivery and implementation for the remainder of the contract.