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Science to Policy

Our research aims to understand the implications and impacts of climate and environmental change for informed decision-making, policy development and planning, so we are exploring opportunities to connect Antarctic policy makers and researchers.

Policy Interface Working Group

The Antarctic Science Platform has established a Policy Interface Working Group to understand, facilitate and enhance science-policy interactions. The Group endeavours to explore opportunities to connect Antarctic policy-makers and researchers and enhance the dialogue and engagement between the two communities.

Science and scientific advice have played a fundamental role in the establishment and implementation of the Antarctic Treaty System. In fact, science (and scientific collaboration) as well as peaceful use are two core values enshrined in the Antarctic Treaty, which was signed in 1959.

New Zealand’s Antarctic scientists have leadership roles in several international fora, including the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and New Zealand is recognised for its influential role in Antarctic governance and its strong environmental management practices.

Activities & Initiatives:

  • Undertaking a programme of research on science-policy interactions within New Zealand and internationally
  • Engaging with other international groups active in stakeholder engagement with Antarctic research
  • Facilitating stakeholder workshops
  • Supporting the development of a stakeholder newsletter
  • Supporting the Platform Leadership Team with monitoring and measuring the impact of Platform-funded research
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