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45 million years from VUW MR

Scientists chart 45 million years of Antarctic temperature change

Authors: Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, GNS Science, and Birmingham University (UK)
Year Published: 2022
Document Type: Papers
Summary: New study shows 'very clear and direct response' of Antarctic temperatures to changing carbon dioxide levels. Molecular fossils and computer modelling have enabled scientists to build the first catalogue of Antarctic ocean temperatures over the past 45 million years, offering new insights into future sea level changes.
Copy of Science Update 2

Choosing the future of Antarctica

Authors: S. R. Rintoul, S.L. Chown, R.M. DeCento, et all
Year Published: 2021
Document Type: Papers
Summary: We present two narratives on the future of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, from the perspective of an observer looking back from 2070. In the first scenario, greenhouse gas emissions remained unchecked, the climate continued to warm, and the policy response was ineffective; this had large ramifications in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, with worldwide impacts. In the second scenario, ambitious action was taken to limit greenhouse gas emissions and to establish policies that reduced anthropogenic pressure on the environment, slowing the rate of change in Antarctica.