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45 million years from VUW MR

Scientists chart 45 million years of Antarctic temperature change

Authors: Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, GNS Science, and Birmingham University (UK)
Year Published: 2022
Document Type: Papers, Update
Summary: New study shows 'very clear and direct response' of Antarctic temperatures to changing carbon dioxide levels. Molecular fossils and computer modelling have enabled scientists to build the first catalogue of Antarctic ocean temperatures over the past 45 million years, offering new insights into future sea level changes.
Scott Base sunrise

What's going on with Antarctica's weather?

Authors: Tim Naish, James Renwick, Kyle Clem and Rowan Howard-Williams
Year Published: 2022
Document Type: Cold Call Articles
Ownership: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: One of the coldest places on Earth recently experienced a spike in temperature 40°C above normal. Should we be worried?

Ocean mixing and heat transport processes observed under the Ross Ice Shelf control its basal melting

Authors: Stevens, C., Hulbe, C., Brewer, M., et al.
Year Published: 2020
Document Type: Papers
Ownership: ASP
Summary: This published PNAS research article describes measurements of the ocean beneath the centre of the Ross Ice Shelf, to better understanding the complex processes that drive melting.
Nansen Ice Shelf Won Sang Lee Korean Polar Research Institute

Policy implications of Antarctic ice sheet melting and global sea-level research

Authors: Richard Levy, Tim Naish
Year Published: 2020
Document Type: Cold Call Articles
Ownership: ASP
Summary: This Cold Call article (Nov 2020) outlines how understanding the melting of Antarctica’s ice sheets, a major driver of sea-level rise, is crucial for future planning and policy decision-making.

New Zealand’s Antarctic Science Platform (English)

Year Published: 2020
Document Type: Posters
Ownership: ASP
Summary: This two-page flyer provides a high-level introduction the Antarctic Science Platform.

Case Study: Development of an international scientific drilling consortium to understand “Stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in a 2°C warmer world” (SWAIS-2C Initiative)

Authors: Antarctic Science Platform
Year Published: 2020
Document Type: Case Studies
Summary: In a world first, ASP Project 1 Leader, Richard Levy and Objective 1 Leader, Gavin Dunbar, have had extraordinary success in developing an international research consortium involving scientists from nine nations.