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Ross Sea Marine Protected Area - Report of an Antarctic Science Platform Stakeholder Workshop

Authors: Neil Gilbert, Daniela Liggett, Natasha Gardiner.
Year Published: 2021
Document Type: Reports
Ownership: Antarctic Science Platform
Summary: Report of an Antarctic Science Platform Stakeholder Workshop held 19 November 2020 to identify the opportunities for the Platform to support the research needs of the Ross Sea Region MPA.
Ice Ocean

Antarctic ecosystem in transition – life between stresses and opportunities

Authors: Julian Gutt, Enrique Isla, José C. Xavier et all
Year Published: 2021
Document Type: Papers
Summary: Important findings from the second decade of the 21st century on the impact of environmental change on biological pro-cesses in the Antarctic were synthesised by 26 international experts. Ten key messages emerged that have stakeholder-relevance and/or a high impact for the scientific community.
Voyage flyer

Exploring Antarctica’s Coastal Biodiversity: Voyage of Discovery

Year Published: 2020
Document Type: Posters
Ownership: ASP
Summary: This two-page flyer provides an overview of the planned sea voyage dedicated to revealing the undersea biodiversity and biogeography of Antarctica’s nearshore coastal ecosystems.