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Paper 9

Conservation of heat and mass in P-SKRIPS version 1: the coupled atmosphere–ice–ocean model of the Ross Sea

Authors: A.Malyarenko, A.Gossart, R.Sun, M.Krapp
Year Published: 2023
Document Type: Papers
Ownership: Geoscientific Model Development
Summary: A coupled model for the Ross Sea, P-SKRIPS, that conserves heat and mass between the ocean and sea ice model (MITgcm) and the atmosphere model (PWRF).
Paper 8

Delineating Polynya Area Using Active and Passive Microwave Sensors for the Western Ross Sea Sector of Antarctica

Authors: G.Burada, A.McDonald, J.Renwick, B.Jolly
Year Published: 2023
Document Type: Papers
Ownership: Remote Sensing
Summary: 40m scale polynya information over the western Ross Sea from high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Sentinel-1 C-band data.
Paper 7

Bringing Antarctica to the lab: a polar desert environmental chamber to study the response of Antarctic microbial communities to climate change

Authors: M.Monteira, A.Marshall, C.Lee, A.McDonald, C.Cary
Year Published: 2023
Document Type: Papers
Ownership: Polar Biology
Summary: A custom-designed Polar Desert Environmental Chamber to perform off-continent experimental ecological research - characterising arid edaphic bacterial communities collected from the McMurdo Dry Valleys.
Paper 6

An Assessment of the Oceanic Physical and Biogeochemical Components of CMIP5 and CMIP6 Models for the Ross Sea Region

Authors: G.Rickard, E.Behrens, A.Bahamondes-Dominguea, M.Pinkerton
Year Published: 2023
Document Type: Papers
Ownership: Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
Summary: The physical and biogeochemical performance of 16 CMIP5 and 16 CMIP6 Earth System models (ESM) are examined relative to present day (1976–2005) observational data sets for a Ross Sea Region (RSR).
Paper 5

Soil environmental DNA metabarcoding in low-biomass regions requires protocol optimization: a case study in Antarctica

Authors: P.Olmedo-Rojas, G.Jeunen, M.Lamare, J.Turnbull, N.Gemmel, C.Fraser
Year Published: 2023
Document Type: Papers
Ownership: Antarctic Science
Summary: Optimized workflow for soil metabarcoding through a comparative study encompassing variation in sampling strategy, DNA extraction and library preparation.
Paper 4

Crevasse refreezing and signatures of retreat observed at Kamb Ice Stream grounding zone

Authors: J.Lawrence, P.Washam, C.Stevens, C.Hulbe, H.Horgan, G.Dunbar et al.
Year Published: 2023
Document Type: Papers
Ownership: Nature Geoscience
Summary: In situ observations from an underwater vehicle deployed at Kamb that show how fine-scale variability in ice and ocean structure combine to influence a diversity of ice–ocean interactions.
Paper 3

Ocean turbulent boundary-layer influence on ice crystal behaviour beneath fast ice in an Antarctic ice shelf water plume: The “dirty ice”

Authors: C.Stevens, N.Robinson, G.O'Connor, B.Grant
Year Published: 2023
Document Type: Papers
Ownership: Frontiers in Marine Science
Summary: Observations of ocean boundary-layer processes and ice crystal behaviour in an Ice Shelf Water outflow region from the Ross/McMurdo Ice Shelves.
Paper 2

Basal mass balance and prevalence of ice tongues in the Western ross sea

Authors: R.Gomez-Fell, O.Marsh, W.Rack, C.Wild, H.Purdie
Year Published: 2023
Document Type: Papers
Ownership: Frontiers in Earth Science
Summary: Calculating the basal mass change of twelve Antarctic ice tongues using a flux gate approach, deriving thickness from ICESat-2 height measurements and ice surface velocities from Sentinel-1 feature-tracking over the same period.